Suturing Doctor Polyester Green Braided Training Sutures

Suturing Doctor Polyester Green Braided Training Sutures

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Polyester Braided Green Quality Training Sutures for Student Practice Sessions, Providing an Ultimate Experience when Practicing Suturing Techniques

Pack Size: 20 units per box

Ideal for Training Purposes

Quality Sutures for Student Training Sessions

Safe Practice with these Sutures will enable you to Enhance your Skills. Once completing different techniques simply take out the thread and reuse, providing you with multiple practice sessions for advanced learning


  • Quality Material: Braided Non-Absorbable Suture Material
  • Long Thread: 100cm Extra Long Black Thread for Extended Practice in Suturing
  • Versatile Needle: 1/2 Circle Curved Cutting 26mm Needle - the curvature makes it easy to manipulate in large and superficial wounds, allows predictable needle turnout, requires less space for manoeuvring than a straight needle
  • Sterile: for safe practice, Individually wrapped and sealed in foil packaging

Polyester Suture Availability: 

2-0, 3-0, 4-0, 5-0, 6-0 Polyester Sutures: available in Needle Size 26mm

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